Thursday, June 21, 2007

Guest Room Decorating

This room was really weird to decorate. At least we got it "back" when we had our basement done. Then the office part of the office/guest room moved down there and this room was entirely left to be a guest room. The hard thing was that I wanted to decorate it around this quilt that my grandma made for me as a HS graduation gift. Wow, the colors! you might exclaim. She did it ALL by HAND, and I really loved her too. :-) I also felt like I needed to have the decor be a little more "homemade-ish", or country-ish. Not really much what the rest of the house is decorated as. Add to that the fabulous Art Deco antique furniture that belonged to Jason's aunt. Here are some explanations for others pieces in the room.

The wall shelves were from a flea market in our town. We got them at half off because the weather took a turn for the worse and most of the customers left, so the vendors were feeling very gracious towards those of us who stayed. Some of the pictures are framed OLD postcards placed on decorative paper. The lamp on the dresser is one that I've had a while and love and hasn't really fit into any room. I'm not sure it fits here either?! Above the head of the bed are photos of cool flowers that I took at the Chicago Botanic Garden. The two on the ends are the same photo, just one is reversed. The "star" like quality of these flowers were meant to emphasize the quilt design (broken star). On the opposite wall is a piece of lace that I got from my mother in law. I was on the lookout for some lace to frame like this and this worked out quite well. The lace on the chest of drawers is from Galena, IL where we got married. I made the curtains from a sheer mottled fabric. I just wanted to go simple. The picture on that wall is a cross-stitch I'd done a while ago and just recently got framed. I'm still not entirely sure I made the right frame color decision. All of the other pieces were just kind of pulled together things I already had, plus photos of family and friends.

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Stacey (Ginger Lily) said...

How fun! I love the blog dedicated just to this kind of stuff! This quilt is AMAZING! The fact that is has a special meaning is just icing on the cake, too! That would make a very fun guest room. We are kind of working on ours now (Linz will be using it the end of July w/ Hadley!). Thinking of working it around the peacock painting we bought at the flea mkt w/ white fluffy bedding and blues, etc. We'll see. Keep you posted.

Mom Kristi said...

Oh, you will have to take pics when you have the room done! I have seen some rooms painted in a pretty light robins egg/ slightly turquoise color and I love it. I can't convince Jason to let me use that color in our powder room though. :-( Or anywhere else for that matter! ;-) White fluffy bedding sound fun. One of the few things I like about winter is getting out the big fluffy down duvets!

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