Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Air Ella

I know a lot of people are visiting my give away link, and thank-you to the people who also took time to look around other parts of my blog and even some who have left comments. It means so much to me to be able to share these things with others and hopefully give others a little joy.

This morning was busy with Ella's last dance class, going to the YMCA to work out and then going to the grocery store to pick up some odds and ends.

Now it is (late) afternoon, both kids are in bed (I didn't even tell Ella to go to her room for rest time but she did, ??), and I don't feel like working on a tote. Even though I'm excited about a new order that was place, I have until mid-August to complete it. Though I know it will probably be done before the end of July. Speaking of which, the e-check cleared for my Etsy customer and I sent her tote out today! OOoooo I hope she loves it!

So anyway, I think I'll try to make a headband. If it is as easy as I think it is, I may sell them in my shop, for pretty cheap. I mean I will probably be using scraps of fabric from other projects.

And after listening to a bunch of friends talking about their feelings of turning 30 (in the recent past or future) recently, I turned 38 today. Is it weird that I still feel 25 physically? I think I am in better shape than I was then anyway.

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Sarah and Jack said...

I love that photo of her floating!

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