Sunday, July 8, 2007

Creativity Come Out of There!

Where? My brain! So I struggle and struggle trying to be creative. I see things in real life that I like and think "ah, that is IT!" Well, last night I dreamed that we had our back deck redone. It was a combination of deck and brick pavers. What I saw in my dream was beautiful, it was creative and amazing. AHA, this means it was FROM MY BRAIN. Yes I just "saw it", but I saw it in my dreams, which means it came from me. Which means creativity must be somewhere in there. Now, how do I get it out? I think the number one block is lack of confidence. So where do I get this confidence? I don't know, but I'm looking at more magazines and blogs, I'm trying out little vignettes, I'm reading a little about decorating too. I'm observing more too. No, I don't think the deck I saw in my dreams was one I saw in real life somewhere because I don't recall seeing a combo deck and pavers like THAT!

Here are a couple of table centerpieces I did this weekend. In the dining room I just pulled a silk arrangement from the guest room, put it on a cake plate and added my yard sale find and a pretty bowl I had with water and the petunia bloom Ella pulled off my plant "for me". :-) The table runner is something my mom made and gave to me recently. I appreciate that she uses a little more muted colors for me.

Well, Ella seems to have a creative side, which I'd love to nurture. When I'm looking at art or clothes or anything pretty, she will point out what is "beautiful". She is an excellent colorer, for a 3 year old and likes to draw too. She can't wait until she can do more cooking, gardening and sewing. Here she is yesterday at the Lincolnshire Arts Festival at the "Paint a Volvo" activity.

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