Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My "Baby's" Big Boy Bed

Well I figured it was time to look out for sales on twin beds as Miles is approaching the age that we put Ella in a big bed. He's not as ready for it as she was, but it will be good to have it ready when he is! So I found an ad in the paper for a really great deal and we went in and bought it. It was delivered today and i have already dressed it up with the new sheets and quilt I got last year. ;-) And... the bed skirt which I made this spring! How does it look? I haven't gotten him any pillows yet, so that part looks a little bare.

It is hard to see the pattern on the bed skirt fabric, but it is a blue and green wide check. It matches the valances which I made pretty well. Plus I think it doesn't look too bad with the Pottery Barn Kids airplane quilt. So yay, I can make lined bed skirts now. I wish it were a little longer though.

Valance I made in 2005.

I think the room may need a color change soon. Any thoughts on colors?

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