Monday, July 30, 2007

Tote Mode

I feel the need to stock my Etsy store quickly. There really isn't much in it now and I have fabric laying around waiting to be made into something. Today I finished a pre-ordered tote for a friend. I also cut out fabric for two others (these for Etsy). I have headbands to list, but the photos are on a camera I can't find. Jason knows where it is, but he's mowing now, so I'll wait!

I also have a recipe for Chicken Bok Choi to share (with photos). Again, that will have to wait.

My first Etsy customer received her tote and seems to really love it. I am so happy! This is what it's all about. I guess making money is what it's about too, but that is kinda secondary to making a quality product that people are happy with.

I really need to try to find new ways to promote. I thought I ALMOST got a sale in direct relation to my give away, but that apparently did not pan out. Well, at least there was a bit of interest.

Shannon from Rocks in my Dryer plans to host another give away in the fall. I have a handbag I made that has one loose-ish seam. It's not bad except that you can kind of see the dark thread at a seam on the light fabric. I might give that away. I have also thought of printing up a flower photo to give away. Maybe both? Speaking of which I sent the tote off to its winner today. She is in Canada, so it might take over a week. I wasn't about to spend $14 more to ship priority!!

Jason's doing something with the main computer now and I can't seem to get to the photos, so I will save a photo of the tote for later.

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