Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Zinnia Tote!

Well here is my latest! This is a bit simpler that most of my totes so far. I really like the linen/canvas with a decorative fabric. And look, here I modeled it too! A real feat all by myself.

I also adjusted the color. Do the photos look ok or washed out? It's weird going from the color of the photo to the "fixed" version which apparently brightened these up.

The next tote will be much wilder. Yikes. I'm nervous to even show anyone.

I have an idea to make my totes "different"/ my own style. It might be a while until the first one comes out, but I'm excited at the prospect that my store may have more of a theme of style and not be all over the board!

2 ripples:

Sonya said...

I think the pics look fine. I love this tote! I actually have some of that zinnia fabric and now if I only knew how to make a tote! Great job!

yours truly said...

Beautiful! I so envy those who can sew such artistic treasures!

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