Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Well... I thought no one was reading my blog anymore because I wasn't getting comments. I generally find comments that were sent to my email instead of looking directly on the blog. Tonight, for some reason, I decided to check my SPAM folder and there were a bunch of sweet comment just filled with blog love!

Ahh... that feels good. :-)

Thanks blogfriends!

Today I completed a diaper bag with this pattern from Craft Apple. It turned out really awesome. It is a wonderful pattern. Very clearly written and straight forward. It was not easy at every step, but I'm convinced it was because of the stupid thick thread I used. My machine doesn't like it, or it doesn't like my machine. They both try to eat each other up! I also learned, near the end that it is better to use thinner thread for seams because it makes it easier to press them open without the bulk of the thread making your pressing not as crisp. I could use the heavier thread for top stitching, but still, it makes such a bulk when backstitching at the start and stop points. And let's not talk about the OTHER side of the fabric which *gasp* sometimes shows. I really don't think I need to use such heavy thread at all. That was the only cotton cover polyester thread I could find at Joann's and I didn't know better to look closer at the label on the spool to find out how thick it was. Plus the lady at the register said it was perfect for what I was doing. I figure I will take all I've learned when I make the second bag. BTW, I'm not posting a pic of the bag because it is for a gift and I'm afraid someone might know someone who knows someone and the pic would get into the wrong hands and spoil the surprise!

Next up is Ella's dress. It's been over a year since I've sewn a piece of clothing. A lot more curves if I remember correctly. So we will see. The fabric is washed, pressed and ready to be cut.

Tonight was my first ballet class for the fall/winter session. It was different than the summer class. A different teacher, different style, different music. Overall I like it. Just not too keen on the music. I like classic classical music. This was show tunes done in classical music. :-/ I kinda miss the summer teacher. It is good to have different teachers though.

Last night I taught 3rd-5th graders ballet and jazz. I tell you, an hour is not enough time to fit both in. I don't care what age you are teaching! Which just gave me an idea. Instead of doing half and half, I could alternate ballet one week and jazz the next.

Ella loves school and had HER first ballet class today. Miles had his first music class on Monday. I could have cried. He is by no means where I think he should be and doesn't even sing. But he finally will march around the circle without insisting on being held. He did dance a little, did some of the movements in the songs and was interested in the books that were sung. I figure it can only get better from here. In any case, I think he totally loved it and loved having a class just for him, with no Ella in site to take away any attention. I have to admit it is nice having a few hours alone with him 3 days a week.

I think that pretty much catches us up with what's going on around here. I have been pretty busy and haven't commented enough on others blogs. Hopefully the week will slow down a bit and I'll have more time.

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