Monday, September 17, 2007

I could not resist

This is another post that I am "duplicating" from our family blog, but I couldn't help myself. This blog, I decided up front, was to be less about what friends and family want to see, and more about what I want to post. Well this seems to be both, thus it is posted in both places.

I don't know if others can see it, and I don't care, I think my daughter is beautiful. In her own, silly, goofy way, she is just beautiful through and through. And the best part is that she is comfortable and confident in her beauty and not in a conceited sort of way. I wish I could have been like that. I wish I could be like that today. Maybe I will learn from her the things that I am teaching her. An unwavering confidence in my worth. Seems strange, but maybe I will start listening to this good part of myself someday.

3 ripples:

Sarah and Jack said...

I love that second photo! Christmas card worthy that one is.

KJ said...

What a charming little poser she is! I teach Drama. It sound like she would be an asset! Savor every moment! My daughter is 20 and time vaporized!

Best Blessings, KJ

Junie Moon said...

She's adorable--what a little coquette! I'm glad you shared these pictures, makes me smile.

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