Sunday, September 2, 2007

Miles' New Paint

We came a long way from where we started. First I wanted a green for the walls in his room, then green with one accent wall of a khaki or dark tan. Then I couldn't find the right tan. Then we went on vacation and LOVED the light brown color (corkscrew willow) they painted most of the cabin.

So we used that for ALL of the walls!

On the walls are a couple of pieces I bought on Etsy. The one by the bed is from theblackapple and the one in between the windows is an original painting from konyskiw. On the wall you can't see is a print from ashleyg.
So I got in a few plugs in for some good artists on Etsy. :-)

BTW, I know the wall on the left by the bed is a little bare. We are thinking of getting some good photos printed up. I was thinking some closeup images of playground equipment. Any other suggestions are welcome.

2 ripples:

Rachel said...

I love the color you chose for the walls! Just beautiful!

thepinkkitchen said...

Amazing how color can change things. I really like how it is turning out. Your idea for photos is great. I'm thinking of using magnetic paint in my son's room to create an area for him to hang pictures. That might be fun for you, too.

Cheers! LA

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