Saturday, November 17, 2007

Almost Forgot

to post today! Today I did a lot of cleaning, a little resting, went to some friends' for dinner. Miles cough has gotten worse and now has a high fever. Ella is coughing, but not as much.

Ella cleaned her room today all by herself! I don't know what got into her. She usually comes up with excuses and goofs around when I ask her to, but she did it today. Perhaps because I was cleaning our room at the same time. She even "made her bed"! It was so cute, she took her door throw blanket and put it neatly over her bunched up sheets and quilt. Good effort! She also did some cute playing having a tea party on her bed with her stuffed animals and playing doctor (or vet) with her "Curly Pig".

I hope Miles gets better soon. These fevers lately haven't been lasting long. I hope this is one of the same.

Happy Saturday, whatever is left of it!

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