Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Are We There Yet?

To December I mean.

I almost forgot to post today. Not much to post about. Most of the things I've been making are for gift for people who either do read this blog or might (but I'm not sure). I am making some more of my little scrapbooks. I thought they were great, but apparently not a whole lot of other people do? So why am I making more? Well I promised to give my leftovers to an event, but I don't think I'll have as many as I promised, so I'd better make more, eh? Also I got some different paper. This set is styled by Amy Butler. When I get some finished I'll take pics.

Just when I thought I was lifting the mood around here, everyone is dropping out of our small group for church like flies. Jason is depressed. How much cheering up can one woman do? I'm exhausted!

Better go finish the laundry. At least the kids are mesmerized watching a Christmas special. I don't let them watch much TV, but tonight I think it's ok.

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Junie Moon said...

Some days are just a little grayer around the edges than other days. I'm sorry about the church group but even if only one person shows up, it still has great meaning and importance.

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