Monday, November 12, 2007

Must Post

I haven't mentioned it until now, I signed up for NaBloPoMoNa in which I have to post EVERYDAY for the month of November to be eligible to win a prize. I'm not real sure on the details, but I'm trying to post everyday.

First of all, I feel foolish. I thought a cookie exchange was today and had baked DOZENS of cookie yesterday and bagged them all up today. Found out it isn't until Dec. 10. Luckily my friend called to tell me. Otherwise I would have been at the hostess' door REALLY feeling foolish!

The same friend who is a native Spanish speaker offered to have my kids over and ONLY speak Spanish to help them to learn the language. YAY. She said I could learn too.

Before I get around to taking a photo of the progress on my scarf, I think I will have it finished!

I bought the Turkey today.

Ella is almost done with her K-1st grade Math book. She is 3 going on 4. I am wondering if I buy the next book, or just keep working with her on the stuff she already knows.

Does anyone know how to laminate 3x5 cards? Is there a way to do it at home. I made up the recipe cards for the cookies exchange and they look really cute, I'd just like to make them water and cookie dough proof! Would clear contact paper work?

OK, off to make some tea and either read or knit myself to sleep.

By the way, there are some REALLY cute recipe card templates you can use in MS Word, either 3x5 or 4x6 here. Here's the one I used, then used rubber cement to attach them to a slightly bigger green background. They turned out so sweet. When I upload photos, I'll post one.

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Sarah and Jack said...

I am not sure how big the pouches are that are available, but at walmart and office supply stores you can buy self laminating pouches. They are nicer than the contact paper, IMO.

I say buy the next book, but if it is frustrating for her, abandon it. I need some good number activities for Jack, but I am coming up blank? I have letters covered.

Junie Moon said...

What lovely ideas and I appreciate the recipe card.

Andie said...

I LOVE my Xyron laminating machine. And coming from a non-crafter, this is really saying something. I bought mine on a great sale at Michael's a few years back, and stock up on the cartridge inserts when they go 40% off. I have laminating, sticker making, and a magnet making insert. I know it's probably more than you need for this one project. But you (or Santa) might want to keep your eyes open for a great sale. I would say the only drawback is that you couldn't laminate anything much larger (wider) than your cards. You could make them as long as you want though.

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