Thursday, November 29, 2007

Oh... and how could I forget?

Yesterday was a blessed day! My maid of honor/great friend Lisa who lives in Dallas called me last night to tell me she had her second baby just a few hours earlier. We don't keep in touch very well, but our friendship seems to be unwaivering. She is one of the sweetest, smartest, most savvy women I know. Once we bonded when sharing a hotel room during a scientific conference (Society for Neuroscience) in New Orleans(we were co-workers), we seemed to be right on time to help each other through very difficult life events. She is currently a professor at UT Southwestern, married to a great guy (who also works there) and is a wonderful mommy to now TWO girls. Can't wait to see the photos of the new arrival! She is very successful in her career and travels frequently on grants and rewards.

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