Saturday, December 29, 2007

Store Sale Tip

My husband is always looking on a site called Slickdeals. Today he informed me that someone posted a code for 70% off your total order from the Colwater Creek internet outlet store. Please go to the Slickdeals link above for details if you are interested!

I have a hard time discerning the cuteness and texture of clothes online, but I did see some shoes and handbags that looked cute. Wouldn't you know it, the one piece of clothing I wanted to purchase ran out in my size just before I decided to check out! The other cute pieces I liked were no longer available in my size when I first checked them. Oh, well, I'm happy. How often can you find a really cute purse for $15 or a pair of nice shoes for $20? Plus if I don't like something, or if the shoes don't fit, they can be returned right to a store for a full refund!

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