Wednesday, January 23, 2008


My print, that is...


Finally my first (first purchased) print from AshleyG is framed. I think I saved my favorite for last because I wanted to wait for a custom framing sale so I could go "all out." As usual, the result is always shocking to me and not what I expected. I'm not sure why, I picked everything out. I think it has to sit and grow on me. I also think it won't work in this room. I'm hoping it will look more at home in our powder room once we've painted the walls brown.

Here's another print of hers I had framed earlier. Well, they just did the mattes and I used a pre-made frame. And by the way, that one finally grew on me.


I have another of hers, but don't think I've taken a photo of that. I really "cheated" on that one. It fit into an 8x10 opening so I used a ready made frame with a 8x10 matte opening. It is in my son's room and not in such a good location. It also has a dark matte and his walls are too close in color to the matte and frame. Bummer. Here is a pic of that print from her store...

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Anonymous said...

I bought a "Paris" Framed Art Print from kohl's store & got same item free..!!

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