Tuesday, January 15, 2008


At least more so than before. Inspired by a post from fellow blogger Junie Moon, I decided to post a couple of pics of my recent organization contraption purchases.

First we have what is actually supposed to be a scrapbooking organizer. The 12 x 12 drawers with lids are meant to store paper. This actually works well for the kids' crafts and workbooks. By having so many drawers we can really separate items into specialties. Plus having the locking hinged lids makes it less tempting for the kids to just reach in and pull things out willy nilly. Now they have to pull the whole drawer out to open the lid. Keeps things much neater.

Next is the cool craft organizer I've been drooling over but was a bit pricey. Well it went on a good sale in early January (it is sold out now) and I jumped on the opportunity. Isn't it pretty!? It will give me more storage, but isn't it pretty?!

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Junie Moon said...

What organizing you're doing! It's fun sharing these things as we learn new ideas and are inspired to work on our own organizing projects.

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