Wednesday, January 30, 2008

She Amazes Me

I think it was just yesterday she was my amazing little first baby, right? It was yesterday wasn't it? Lest I forget all we have been through up to her 4th year... It has been a LOT.

Lately, she is maturing so much. Lately she is a little less silly, a little more focused, a lot more remorseful when she behaves badly.

She is helpful, she is sweet, she WANTS to be good, she's learning to be honest.

And tonight. Tonight she showed compassion of the highest form. Her little friend from preschool had a minor operation. We stopped by to give her a balloon today and her mom invited us in for a while. A nice little visit. I think it really affected Ella. To see her little friend with a bandage on her foot, not ready to put the pressure on it yet to walk.

Tonight she prayed for her little friend, without me prompting her to. I don't recall her ever praying for healing for someone else. It was obviously out of compassion. And then we had some great talks, about the bandage, about how they make it so it doesn't hurt when you have surgery, the different types of anesthetic, about kids who can get really sick and sometimes lose their hair, and how they are very brave and if you see them you should remember how brave they are, and that you should love everyone no matter what they look like and somehow we came around to saying NO really loudly if strangers try to touch or hurt us. To the last discussion she said "Mo-om, EVERYONE knows THAT!" Well, good, then I hope she's got that one committed to memory!

Anyway, what an amazing little girl God has put in our lives. A precious soul to take good care of.

Remind me to read this post the next time she has a full on tantrum...

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Nilsa S. said...

Great post. Ella is growing up into a darling little girl, with lots of help from her parents. Don't you forget that, either.

Still dress shopping - have an appointment at a shop as well as with a seamstress/designer this weekend. We'll see...

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