Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I was kindof going back through old entries here an realized I may have left some matters hanging...

- We received Miles' beautiful chest of drawers. It is gorgeous and I want to hug it every time I go in his room.
- Ella is finished with her antibiotic she had for a UTI. I took her in today for another urine test to make sure the infection is gone.
- My UTI seems to be gone, but I still have several days left of antibiotic (which means an increase of forgetfulness to add to my pregnancy/didn't sleep much for a few years while my two babies were infants/still can't sleep soundly or much -induced forgetfulness, which is coupled with my "really I used to be a research scientist, but I only use a fraction of my brain now compared to then" loss in neuron connections).
- I don't think I mentioned it, but I had a color specialist come in this week to help with paint colors. She chose the same general colors I was going for, but I'm hoping the exact shades she's narrowed it down to is worth her fee. She's worked with several of my friends who have had excellent results, so I think I should try to trust her. I just have to keep thinking she's saving us a bundle in trying out a dozen different shades before getting the right one. I think I learned a wee bit from her. I HOPE HOPE HOPE we get the family room painted soon. :-)
- I LOVE the Spanish classes my kids go to. Well I just go to Miles' class, Ella goes to hers alone. I love learning a language through immersion (be it 1:30 a week). I learned French in school. 7 years to be exact and I can't speak it worth a darn. I could read and write it, but it seems so much more to speak it. Maybe someday I will be able to speak it. I remember my Junior year in HS the teacher believed in immersion and ONLY spoke French in class. I didn't understand most of what she was saying and I couldn't ask questions for fear I'd say it all wrong. I had taken French since 7th grade! I opted out of French Senior year, but took a couple of years of it in college and it was easy (they make you start from French 1, no matter how much you've had in the past). Funny how my focus has gone from MATH and SCIENCE and TECHNICAL WRITING while I was working to art, music and languages. Can one go to such extremes in one lifetime?
- I try to spend time with Ella on a girls devotional book we bought her and she loves it. In the past I've taught her reading, writing, math, science, but this is about God and morals. She loves the together time and can't wait to do it with me. :-)
- I am worried about Miles' speech development again. He is over 2 1/2 and I'd say a stranger can maybe understand about 60% of what he says, if that. I want to move forward to have him re-evaluated and go forward with any therapy needed.
- Potty training hasn't progressed a whole lot. The best news is that one night Miles said he had to go potty (when he typically says that to put off going to bed) and he marched to the bathroom, sat down and peed. Not much since then.
- I've not said anything about this here, but I have become involved in a ministry. I felt a calling to it and I'd love to share the story, but some of it is someone else's (in my life) personal information. To keep this as vague as possible I'm working with a organization that helps teen moms get on their feet and provide for themselves and their child. One book that got me here is "The Hiding Place" by Corrie ten Boom. From that book I learned to open my eyes to see God's plan for my life. Then the plan was pretty clear pretty fast. And He put everything in my path. I am now reading, along with other mentors the book "Becoming a Woman of Influence: Making a Lasting Impact on Others" by Carol Kent. I have seen myself as a mentor at work, even as a baton and dance teacher. I've told many a pre-teenager not to get overly concerned with boys in HS, but to focus on school and other fun activities. Because they'd benefit from that their whole lives, but boys most likely will not be there. I really think many of them listened to me. I have tried to build self-esteem in them. But this situation leaves me a bit nervous. I'm trying to leave it up to God and so far He seems to have it under control.
- The dance class I teach is going GREAT. The girls are fantastic and picking up their recital routine well. It doesn't hurt that they love the music and the steps. I just love them all!
- Our swing dance class is also going well. A great group of people. We are getting nervous about running out of new moves to teach them.
- Haven't felt much like sewing lately which means I'm still tired from being sick. Hope to start up on Ella's boutique outfit soon.

BLESSINGS TO ALL (especially if you read all of that)!

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Sarah and Jack said...

Wow, you guys have a lot going on.

Our ped asked us at Jack's 3 year check up if "we" could now understand 100% of what he says. I wonder what the stranger standard is at 2 1/2?

Nilsa S. said...

I'm enjoying your posts! Here's a little shameless promotion of a good friend. Check out Professor Pocket ( It's a great CD teaching kids and their parents Spanish through songs. Might also help Miles kick the speaking into high gear!

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