Saturday, February 2, 2008

He amazes me too.

Tonight after our last swing dance class, we went out as a family to sushi in the suburbs. It was actually right down the road. See, we don't exactly live out in the middle of nowhere! We had a nice time. Jason will be going off to England for the next week so I wanted to do something fun as a family. Ella and Miles enjoyed their (well Miles enjoyed some of my) miso soup. They each had an order of Edamame (soy beans) and shared a bowl of rice and a bowl of green tea ice cream. Miles was so sweet trying to feed me his ice cream and asking if I wanted more. Then he stood up in the booth and kinda held his pants and did an uncomfortable looking shift of weight. I asked if he needed to go potty and he said he did. Jason took him, but he didn't do anything. As soon as they got back he said he had to go again. We figured he was bluffing, though at one point he decided he was done and climbed over me and out of the booth. He ran to the restrooms and I ran after him. When I caught up with him he pointed at my scarf and said "bufanda" (which is Spanish for scarf). He had never said it before and I hadn't even prompted him to. I guess all my silly repetition of the weeks Spanish class topic all week is paying off. Anyway I gave him another opportunity to go potty and he wasn't interested. Then he said "abrigo" (with my prompting) and later on his own he pointed to Jason's coat and said "abrigo". I was elated. He's REALLY learning Spanish!

Anyway when we got home he had wet pants (a pull-up)...

In other news, we had such a nice swing dance class this session. The students were so friendly and so much fun. We usually get a friendly bunch, the this one takes the cake. We gave them all surveys and we got the highest score in each category from each couple. Feels good. :-) Jason does most of the talking in class, but I hope I contribute too. We are going to look into doing an actually dance at the new park district building since there isn't really any place to go in the immediate area to go swing dancing. People want us to have a Swing 2 class, but we have to pull a few more moves out of our hats or figure out just what to do in a Swing 2 class.

I've order 4 different Heather Bailey fabric prints for outfits for my friend Lindsay's little girls. I received one today and am so excited. I just finished Ella's outfit (minus the elastic) and am ready to tackle a couple more. The more I make them the easier they are and I've almost memorized the instructions. I'll post Ella modeling her outfit once I get the elastic in. That will be after I actually buy the right size elastic.

We painted our family room yesterday!!! We LOVE it and I will post pics of that too, hopefully soon.

I received my prints from Ballard as well as a very pretty door mat that I refuse to put out until all signs of snow are gone. Hope to get my SLAH order delivered next week.

We had a huge blizzard Thursday night/Friday morning. I UNFORTUNATELY went out in it. I went to a meeting for the ministry I volunteer for and they called it off AFTER I left for it. On the way home it was quite scary. I was in Jason's smaller car (that I'm not used to), I had to drive one of the teen mom's home, the tank was on empty and I was just praying (literally) to get to a gas station before running out. Not to mention the roads were so covered in snow I was driving no more than 15-20 MPH and there was a backup right before the gas station. Made it home safe and hugged my whole family.

Tomorrow Jason is off to England and we pray for his safe travel and that we all don't miss each other TOO much.

All I can think of for now...

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