Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Weekend in Wisconsin - Part Two (Saturday)

We arrived at Chula Vista Water Park Resort in the Wisconsin Dells at around 11 am after an approximately hour drive from Madison. It was too soon to check in to our room, but not too soon to use the water park. And so we did. We started out on the "Lazy River". By the second time around I realized I didn't have to push the kids in the innertube, that there was actually a current in the "river" and I could just hang on to the tube. Duh. We then headed to the zero depth kids area which I pleasantly found the water to be much warmer than that in the river. Soon our friends Brad and Gail and their son James (6) arrived. We hung out with them in the "lazy river" and then Gail and I made a bee line for the hot tub with Miles. After lunch our room was ready, so we checked in. And this is what we saw (we were not expecting this)...

Yes that is a hot tub in the living area. Here is the master suite (Jason, I and the kids stayed in the other bedroom which I did not photograph. The lighting was awful). I forgot to get the amazing bathrooms, but I'm sure you'll live.

As soon as we settled in, Gail and I went to check out the gift shops, then came back and the guys went back to the water park to ride all the "big boy" slides. We stayed back with the kids. Miles napped and Ella and James took a dip in the hot tub while Gail and I discussed the suite. We decided we loved about everything except the window treatments which is funny because we both sew and make window treatments. She actually does it for a living and has much more experience than I. As for the kids playing in the tub, Gail did a great job at improvising tub toys by giving them plastic bowls, colanders, spoons and spatulas.

When the guys got back we all played Eucre! Well, Ella and James played Go Fish and Miles watched some cartoons.

Finally we all went to a buffet at the hotel. I really did not find the food all that appealing and the price was crazy as well. It did not include beverages or dessert. We still had a great time as you can hopefully tell by these photos:

Day is done...

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Nilsa S. said...

I love the pictures and Ella and Miles sleeping. The utter exhaustion following a full and very fun day. Nice job!

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