Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What Was I So Worried About?

I am so happy. Don't want to jinx it, but I started some serious potty training with Miles today. Basically using the technique from Toilet Training in Less Than a Day by Nathan Azrin. If you have the patience and discipline (and are in need of training a toddler/preschooler) I highly recommend this book. I used this method with Ella and had pretty good results. She was a toughy and did regress a few times, but finally got it when she was totally ready.

Well my experience with Ella had me dreading attempting any sort of potty training with Miles. I realized yesterday that Ella would be gone an extra hour for school today because they went on a field trip to the symphony. So last minute I decided to give it a go. Wow, it was soooo much smoother and easier with Miles. He was so much more cooperative too. So we trained from 8:30 am to 12 pm and there were no accidents and 3 successes after some silliness/not able to keep still episodes of trying. I threw on a plastic covered training pant (on Miles, not myself) and we were then off to pick up Ella and her friend from school. Got home, clean pants!! Then I decided to quickly check email (after sitting him on the potty with no result). He sat next to me with a toy and I did a pant check (for wet or dry - it's all part of the system). At that point he said "Oh, I wet!" So we did a positive practice (which he was less devastated by than Ella was when she would do hers). He was very cooperative and really seemed to get what we were doing. After changing his pants and doing some more checks it was time for lunch. As he started to climb into his chair he quietly said "oh potty". I asked "Do you have to go potty?" to which he answered "yeah". So he went directly to the potty and... well the golden moment occurred. He had a first. And I'll let you figure that out because I'm not going to spell it out. I was ecstatic! Now I'm glad he's napping so I can rest from this whole thing.

I think that from here on out I'm going to try to get away from Pullups except at night. This means lugging more plastic pants, a change of pants (probably more than just one), changes of socks and perhaps changes of shirts around with me when we go out.

I know I'm getting excited rather early, but all signs point towards a more cooperative child and smoother experience.

This has been weighing on my mind for a while and didn't know when I'd have time to work on it. And as I said before I was dreading it after my experience with Ella. I will be so happy when we are well on our way to a Pullup free life (or at least days for now).

Now I'm going to get back to a secret project that I'm working on!

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Nilsa S. said...

There's nothing better than positive thinking. Just because you had a good start with Miles, why can't you continue to do wonders with him? I think it's definitely possible. Especially with a big sister role model.

And what's this about a secret project???

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Yeah!! Good for you and Miles--that is such a big step in their little lives (and such a big relief to Mommy!)
Smiles, Karen

Lisa said...

Sounds like he's on his way.

Of course you always have M & M candies in a glass jar to fall back on-lol.

Yes, just one will do the trick each time.

Nate Walter said...

Hey Kristi! I don't think I ever responded to the last comment you left on my blog. How's the Spanish going? It's fun, isn't it? I, like you, have French background and it's been helpful in learning Spanish, although sometimes I'm like, "Why in the world did I take French and not Spanish!" By the way, I love your room swap idea and your pictures of it...such a better use of space! Well, hasta luego!

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