Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Ocean

In the book I'm reading, Dinah discovers her love for rivers. She loves the smell, the feel, she is one with rivers.

I can relate to that feeling as I have never been so at peace and joy as when I've been around and in the ocean. The most peaceful moment of my life (which by the time was in a very tumultuous time in my life) was when I went snorkeling on my own off the shore of a private beach off the island of Bonaire. I felt calm, peaceful and at one with the feel of the salty water and the beautiful surroundings.

The scuba diving itself (done in groups)was the most magnificent I've ever experienced. At that point I had some experience diving under my belt and I was able to relax more and enjoy the smaller flora and fauna. The area, which was a protected forest (reef) was pristine and beautiful.

Even the Great Barrier Reefs of Australia (pictured here from our honeymoon) did not compare to Bonaire. (Shhhhh). Australia was still great and I saw my first shark(s) there.

Which brings me to the irony. That ocean which I love so much can also scare me to death. Not just the creatures, in fact not so much the creatures as the ocean itself and it's depth and dangers. Still... I really miss the ocean. I am really thinking about it today when I heard my friend Nilsa and her fiance are currently thinking of going to Costa Rica for their honeymoon.

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Nilsa S. said...

To me, there is something so incredibly peaceful about the ocean. It reminds me of the many days I've spent at the beach near my parents' beach house. I close my eyes with the sun beating down, forming sweat on my skin, and fall into a peaceful, meditative rest as I hear the waves come and go. I most definitely look forward to days like this in Costa Rica, too! :-)

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