Thursday, March 20, 2008

She's a "Little Bit Funky" - Etsy Feature

I know I've talked about her creations before, but I looked at Crystal's Etsy shop "Little Bit Funky" recently and saw all kinds of new and creative items. She has recently started making the cutest felt creations and branched out in many new directions beyond paper crafts and knitted items since I first saw her shop. Most recently she has added some super cute bags. All of her items are bright, cheery, fresh and well... funky! She has great style and creativity, so go snatch up a cute item today! She also has a blog where you can see more of her creativity in action and possibly call dibs on a favorite item before it goes in her shop.

Here are merely a few of my favorites from "Little Bit Funky"...

2 ripples:

C said...

That totally makes my have no idea how much I needed that! You are the best!!

Junie Moon said...

What adorable treasures! That bag looks exactly like the bag I tried to make the other day. It's so encouraging to see that someone knows how to make one properly. I'll eventually conquer that project myself.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

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