Thursday, June 19, 2008


P.S. For the giveaway, I think I'll offer a choice of the apron or a wristlet that I made. I would also like my "regulars" to please enter the contest. I'd really like someone who supports me in blogworld to win the prize. I will not keep out non-regulars, but I might be creative with the title of the post so as not to get a bunch of people who just searched for "blog giveaway" in google.

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Michele P. said...

hi, just wanted to let you know I checked out your Etsy shop and really like the luggage tags! I will be heading on a trip in August, and something like this would sure beat out using one of my poor daughters colored socks to identify my luggage-so have bookmarked your site so when I get back to work can hopefully order one before my trip!

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