Wednesday, June 11, 2008

One For Me

I must stop staying up until late to make things! I just had to have one of these wristlet pouches for myself, so I made one last night. I rarely make things for myself! I used my favorite fabric at this moment. It took less time that the last two. So that is progress. But tonight I should get more sleep!

Today I will be making a set of tea towels for someone I don't know. The daughter of a man who is helping Jason with the job hunt is getting married this weekend. Sure hope she likes red, black, turquoise and the style (see other posts on tea towels).

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Nilsa S. said...

Seems like a great bridesmaid gift! Too bad I got a similar clutch for being in a wedding a few years ago (and those girls are also in my wedding)!

But ... would you consider making a larger version of that ... with a slightly bigger pocket inside? To be used for a make-up bag? If so, we might need to chat ... and go fabric shopping together! I kid you not. Think about it.

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