Monday, June 16, 2008

See, Back to Staying Up Late

Here I am just having finished two new projects. Can't take pictures, it is too dark. Will try tomorrow. So what did I do? NOTHING that was even on my list. Of course I came up with new things to try. I guess that's ok right? Isn't that called creativity? Not sure how original or creative I really was, but I'll let you judge tomorrow.

Today I got an hour in at the gym and had an experience which leads me to believe I no longer need to put a pull-up over Miles' underwear when we go to the gym. When the childcare lady came to get me it was not because of an accident but because Miles was freaking out that his pants weren't going on right and he wanted his mommy to do it. The problem was the layering of pants. Underwear. Pull-up. Shorts. It all tends to bunch up. So I think next time I'll go for it, just make I have a change of clothes for him in the car at all times.

I got my 50% off interfacing at JoAnn's, an important letter mailed and some checks deposited. And a trip to the grocery store which pleasantly surprised me. The bill that is. I was cringing at the price of ever item I saw and picked up. But in the end the total was less than I predicted and less than if I had gone to the non-cheap store. This store is also cool because they have all kinds of foreign items. Yummy yummy microwave Indian food!!! The kids wanted a sticker and I told them to ask for it in Spanish as the cashier was of the Latino variety. Yo quiero sticker por favor! (did I spell that right?) then a Gracias. I think they made the guy's day. Really, where we live is close to a community of Hispanic people and I wanted to be able to communicate with them in their own language or at least show we are taking the effort to try. I am so glad I had the kids in Spanish and hope to continue to do so again in the future. They say that kids learning a second language really turns on a lot of other areas of the brain and also is the only chance to develop a genuine accent. When Jason got home we went for a walk and Ella took a nasty spill and really scraped up her knee. We got her home and dressed her wound. Then she milked it for all she could. "I think a treat will help me feel better." "I think if you read me a lot of stories tonight it will help me feel better" etc... And before bedtime I had her read some easy books to me. She has really improved and perhaps ready to move on to harder stuff! She also learned today that the word "yard" is a measurement and what USA stands for. I'm trying all I can to pull lessons from anywhere!

It was just a perfect day weatherwise and the kids had another "picnic" (lunch on a blanket in the backyard). I still have a list of to dos to get done. But first tomorrow I am hoping to get the kids rounded up to go to the free movie of the week. This one is Arctic Tale, which I think I'd love to see and would totally hold the kids' attentions.

Must be off to bed now!

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Nilsa S. said...

Sounds like a very productive day. Even if nothing on your list is crossed off. Sometimes, we need days like that!

Yeah for good weather this week. Hopefully there are many more picnics in your future!

Songbirdtiff said...

It sounds like you had a really pleasant day. I can't wait to see pics of your project!

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