Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sneaking Up on Me

In a little over a week I will hit a "milestone". Most people call decade birthdays a milestone, but for me (at least for age 29 so far), the year before the decade is the hardest. It is the last year you will be able to say your are in your 20's, or in my case in my 30's. I can't believe it. Some people my age are grandmas. I know this for a fact. There may be people younger than me that are grandma's but I have heard of a few cases more around my age. I don't feel like I could be a grandma. Do I look like a grandma? I'm sure I don't act like a grandma, do I? Why don't I feel that old? I guess that is a good thing. But this will be a hard birthday in many ways.

On to other topics. Paris reappeared. I think I know her hiding (sleeping) spot. I believe it is behind our china cabinet and underneath. That is the only way to get underneath, from behind. So we can't even really fish her out of there if she goes. She is so sweet and purrs the second she SEES you. She is cuddly and playful. All that you could want in a kitten.

My iron is starting to leak brown fluid, well the steam is brown. All of a sudden it smells like something is burning and then all the brown water. I need a new iron, or to figure out how to clean this one out? Any good suggestions for a sewing iron? Maybe a good birthday gift. hint hint. :-)

I have had 2 and 1/2 hour without kids. I have regained some sanity. I think I'll take them to the pool today later as it is a scorcher out.

OK, going to HOPEFULLY go cheer someone up. With this:

The Nilsa Bag

The Nilsa Bag

6 ripples:

~**Dawn**~ said...

That is the most cheerful bag I have ever seen. I have no doubt you will be successful! =)

Nilsa S. said...

That bag most definitely did cheer me up. And after a day like today ... I needed it. Thanks for being there!

C said...

Love the bag!! :) You are amazing!!

Amanda Jo said...

That bag is GREAT! Love it! So wait, did you say that you have a birthday coming up?! How exciting!!! And you totally don't look like a grandma!

Julie said...

That bag is GORGEOUS! Oh, how I love it. My favorite one you have ever made. Obsessed!

Shealynn Benner said...


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