Monday, August 18, 2008

progress so far

music is all on computer and put into appropriate folders

now needs to be weeded through and put in the right order

had to stop as the kids were beating each other up

An update on the whole filling in for the dance director... her health is worse than what was first thought. I am worried. She had a death in her family this weekend of a close family member. She wants nothing more than to be out and about and teaching dance. I feel so much for this woman.

I will be teaching 2 classes in the am on Mondays, 2 in the pm. 1 on Wednesdays, 1 on Fridays and a baton class on Saturdays. That is the plan so far. Baton won't start up until October and not unless there are at least 4 signed up. So far there are 3. We will also teach a swing class sometime in the fall as well.

I am now exhausted from the kids and just want to do one of those things I'd rather be doing.

Oh, and I can't believe the pool doesn't open until 4 pm all this week. Please at least let me pretend we have 2 more weeks left of summer before preschool and park district/YMCA classes start!

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Nilsa S. said...

Wow - that's a full schedule for you, but I'm quite certain you'll be great!

And why on earth would they keep the pool closed until 4 during one of the (normally) hottest months of the year? That just doesn't make sense.

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