Thursday, August 28, 2008

When It Pays to Know Designers... when you go to a garage sale advertised as having upscale women's clothing and accesories. I'm not much of a designer person. I know some names, but not many.

What I bought at aforementioned garage sale...
  • A very pretty watch with sparklies and a blue face for $7 (sorry no pics, I'm not at home and didn't bring my camera to my parents' house).
  • A pretty pink patterned umbrella probably from a perfume giveaway promotion for $5.
  • A cute pink handbag with no name, probably from another type of promotion.
(Obviously this woman worked in a department store or Ulta or something by all the brand new freebie type things she had).

What I passed up for $10...

Tiffany's 1837 Triple bar pendant, $350 new

What I passed up for $5...

Tiffany Bar drop earrings: $300 new

A Ladies Movado watch for $5 (I liked the sparkly one I got better).

When I found out about the worth of the Tiffany jewelry, I nearly had a heart attack. I'm going back to that garage sale tomorrow. Maybe they won't remember me. But I don't think that jewelry is my style. It would make a nice gift though, eh?

I feel a little better when I looked up my watch, an Alfred Sung (never heard of it), and found out it probably has Swarovski crystals, its blue face is probably a quality material and not plastic and is probably worth over $100. The main thing is that I think it is pretty. I just need to bring it to a jeweler or watch repair shop to get it shortened a bit.

I passed up quite a few cute sundresses and pretty tank tops too. Doh.

2 ripples:

Sarah and Jack said...

Oy, you could have sold that tiffany stuff on Ebay too!

Nilsa S. said...

OK, I was about to get on you for buying jewelry that may or may not be your style just because it's a deal. But, for gift giving purposes, I relent said statements. :-)

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