Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Day of Preschool for Ella and Miles

Today was a very emotional day for Mom. She had to see us BOTH off to school. She opted to walk us to the door the first day, normally all the parents drive through to drop off the kids.

Ella meets up with an old friend and our carpool buddy Michelle.


From Mommy's perspective:

At one point Miles said a bit nervously "Are you going to stay with me Mommy." Which he quickly forgot when the doors opened. He walked on in, without looking back, without running back for his hug and kiss. I've been preparing him for this for a long time. He's always had trouble with separation. Though I should be, and truly am happy that he was able to waltz away and not be afraid of being independent, it was a little sad too. My baby is in school now. And he's really not a baby anymore.

And yes, I cried (after I left).

2 ripples:

Junie Moon said...

Oh, bless your heart, Kristi! This is a really hard thing to face in life and I cried an ocean of tears when I sent my little ones off to school the first day, too.

Thank you so much for your comment today on my blog; it truly means a lot to me.

Nilsa S. said...

Awwww, I have yet to meet a mother who isn't sad to see her kids off to school for the first time. So, I guess it helps to know you're in good company?! =)

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