Friday, September 26, 2008

Our Sunnypond Home

I often feel that I don't do right by my blog name. It was an easy name to choose as we have a lovely pond behind our house which provides a terrific view. So much so that not only do we lament that on our second level two bathrooms and only 1 out of 4 bedrooms have a window of the view, we are very seriously considering expanding our sliding doors in our family room to be twice as wide.

Well today I share with you a photo I snapped two mornings ago of a gorgeous morning that Ella brought to my attention. I tell you, children really bring you back to enjoying the simple things in life! I rarely look at the sunrise in the hectic mornings. We all really need to slow down.

Life has been pretty crazy lately and I never got this photo on the blog. It is a sneak preview of the new Eco-friendly grocery bag I was making. Except that now it is made.

So I can show you the finished product today too! I love how it turned out and hope to get it in my Etsy store soon. This one was really fun to make.

As for the preschool issue... Another issue arose, this time with my daughter, and her teacher. Just when I got everything all talked out with my son's teacher, something not so good happened with the other teacher. Plus we might have something to worry about regarding my daughter's behavior. Though some of it sounds a little fishy. We went to observe today and I feel even better about Miles and his class and Ella appeared to be behaving very well. At noon we will meet with both teachers for a conference. There really is not principal at the small school. The owner is the mother of Miles' teacher and is the kindergarten teacher, so that makes things a bit awkward. But I personally believe in speaking right with the source first. It is just what I learned from being in corporate America and it makes sense to me. Never go over someone's head until you've spoken to them first. Wish us luck with today's conferences...

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Nilsa S. said...

Good luck with everything going on today. Keep me posted.

Kyla Bea said...

Ah! You actually live by a sunny pond! This makes much more sense now. = )

The preschool stuff sounds very challenging. I'll be thinking about you guys, good luck!

Kathy said...

I love to watch sunrises, actually it is my favorite time of the day. You made a very cute bag, good luck in getting it sold and I hope the conferences went well.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Amanda Jo said...

1st. That bag is AWESOME! I may need to buy one! :)

2nd. I am so sorry your family's having issues with school! I'm anxious to hear how the meetings went!

3rd. What a view!!! I bet you guys even have the wonderful sounds of crickets and frogs in the dusk time. What beautiful place!

4th. I am SO excited you're on facebook!!!

Julie said...

Your pond is so charming! Sometimes I wonder what builders were thinking when they draw up floorplans. We were just staying in a cabin on a lake and none of the bedrooms even looked at the lake.
I am in love with that bag too! It would make shopping for groceries with toddlers a bit more fun!

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