Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More Than I Should, I Suppose?

This little guy has been coughing at night for almost 2 weeks. No other real symptoms other than the occasional runny nose. I took him into the doctor today, overruling other opinions. He had bronciolitis when he was a baby which was a little scary.

Miles in Soccer for Tots Fall 2008

The doctor doesn't know what is wrong, so gave him antibiotic. If it doesn't work I call back and she prescribes an inhaler. Which, by the way, is what my doctor gave me yesterday. An inhaler. Never used one of those before.

So this morning, I got the kids ready for school and sent them on the way with our carpool. Then I folded all of the clean laundry and put it away. I then called Sears to find out how to handle a broken part to my carpet cleaning machine (long story - I'd called before to see if they could send a new part but was told I had to take THE WHOLE THING into a service center which then turned out to be closed down). Magically the nice service lady said the part would arrive in 5-10 days. I thanked her for not giving me the run around as I had gotten with several other service people. I think she thought I was nuts. Then called the Pediatric group to make and appointment for Miles. Next I went over to the school to observe again, only to find out that MILES hit a boy because he was "looking at him." (We have each had a long talk with him and HOPE he doesn't try that again). Other than that, observations seemed just fine. Next I run over to Hobby Lobby to buy a frame for my friend's kids' portrait that she just sent. I'd seen it yesterday, but wasn't sure about it at the time. Went back to the school to pick up the kids. Dropped off the other little girl, got home and made lunch, set the kids down to do a craft (ha) while I listed the new bag on Etsy. They did not do the craft, but rather got out of hand. I then put them down for quiet time and had to go up several times to separate them and/or help with a snap after a bathroom visit. Finally I had time to list 2 more books. Found a ton more people I knew on Facebook and figured out how to post links on there. 3:30 pm was there before you know it and I'm getting the kids ready to take Miles to the doctor. Today was the last day of the Farmer's Market, so I HAD to take the kids there. That is one of their favorite things. And I got them each a caramel apple. Ran over to the pharmacy to fill Miles' prescription. Got home and was about to drop dead. Jason had wanted to go to a Men's group. So I was alone with the kiddos. Somehow I managed to get them to bed without much fuss. Then I organized portraits to give to the grandparents, cut some material to be used as interior pockets for a couple bags. Wrote this post. And I'm sure I will be cutting more fabric to make bias strips tonight.

And those are the HIGHLIGHTS of my day. The week doesn't seem to slow down and in fact gets busier next week.

How do I do it? ;-P

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Nilsa S. said...

I'm tired just reading about your day. Hope the kiddo gets better.

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