Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend Fun

Ella and Miles went to a Royal Princess Tea Party this Saturday. Ella got to dress up in her Halloween costume again. I'm all for getting as much use out of a Halloween costume as possible!

Some of the Princesses at tea.
2008 11 16_4507

Ella at the table.
2008 11 16_4412

After makeup and "manicure."
2008 11 16_4419

On Sunday, we headed out to the Field Museum of Natural History.

In front of the museum.
2008 11 16_4433

In front of Sue the Tyrannosaurus Rex.
2008 11 16_4436

More Sue.
2008 11 16_4439

Miles demonstrating his new bad habit in front of Sue.
2008 11 16_4435

2008 11 16_4493

Goofing around with dad on Friday night.
2008 11 16_4431

2 ripples:

Sarah and Jack said...

Wow, Miles is suddenly changing a lot in his face!

Nilsa said...

I love that last picture of Ella at the princess party. Precious!

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