Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Phew and get ready for more...

I haven't posted here in quite a while! Sorry for that. I still haven't photographed all the Christmas presents I've made. I haven't found the time or energy to lug them out of storage when/if the kids are in rest time. I did make one for someone else, but I don't know if she reads this, so I'll save that one for after Christmas.

Overall I'm done with most of my main projects, minus some booties for a friend. And that doesn't take too long. I also am done with two craft shows. The first was a fund raiser and I wasn't even manning the table. The second was at my neighbor Liz's house. Liz runs the website Wickedly Chic. It is a must read for the fashion concious and supporters of small, indie, mostly female run businesses. Must go there NOW! :-)

So this week, up on the agenda is to prepare for Ella's birthday party on Friday as well as making some rice krispie treats for her class for tomorrow. Then, well, Christmas. I still haven't had a chance to get the remainder of my shopping done.

I have two other "projects" going on. One is a fun thing for a friend which will require some corresponding and organizing. The other is, well, it is huge! I will talk more about it hopefully soon. Right now I'm in planning, preparing and researching stages...

It is snowing like crazy here. I had to go out this morning to teach a class, but I plan to stay in for the rest of the day. I still may need to shovel (ugh). It was freezing rain last night, cold rain ths morning, followed by heavy snow. I am trying to focus on how pretty it is coming down... right, that's it. Today may be a fireplace day.

Happy holiday preparations to everyone! May you have time to reflect on what this season really means to you!

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Crystal said...

Missed seeing you post! Maybe you should ask Santa for a snow blower...or one of those fancy things you push that mows the snow?

:) Good to "see" you friend!

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