Monday, January 19, 2009

Recovering from the Weekend

Not that there seems to be a lot to be recovering from, but today I am exhausted. Friday was on of those days I became exhausted from "just sitting around". As you probably know by now, I launched my new Etsy store Kitchen Stitchen. And so Friday I spent most of the morning listing all of my items. Overall it was smooth. Except I had saved all my photos in the wrong mode and had to re-edit them all and save them in the right mode. And there were some kinks to work out regarding key words. But I was so happy and have some sweet friends to thank for coming and buying some of my items on the first day! In face 2 items were purchased while I was still listing! What a great confidence builder. And now I need to get on the ball. I need to relist a few items. Get some more made and listed and seriously look into advertising on popular Etsy blogs and such. I also plan to submit an entry for a juried Art Festival in our town.

And so to celebrate the store, the sales AND our diet (ironically) we went out to our new favorite Japanese fusion restaurant Kawa. Above you will see our favorite dish, the curried squash soup. It is pure heaven! And I'm excited that there was a recipe for a similar dish in my new BHG magazine for the month. Though I fear it won't come close to Kawa's. Then we went to dinner at a friends house last night and again strayed from the diet. And I'm a tad upset because I haven't felt any weight loss in the last two weeks anyway despite sticking to the diet. I'm getting a bit discouraged.

This morning I have a dance class to teach, despite the fact that the schools are closed for MLK day. Which means I need to bring the kids with me. They are always very good and quiet, but I hate it because it just isn't that fair to them.

One other piece of "news". Jason painted our powder room on the main level of the house. He also installed the new light fixture and soon we will have the new mirror up as well as a little cute shelf I bought. All we need now is a new towel holder and something to put on the shelf. Jason has also been talking about getting a new faucet. I'm not sure I have before photos. But I will be sure to at least post some after photos. At least after everything we have is up. Then later maybe I can post more when we get the other items.

Have a great day. Look for the positives and live in the moment.


Edited to include that my friend Hannah just called to say she'd come take the kids home with her to watch during my dance class AND that I found a "before pic" of our bathroom, be it the pic I took during the home inpection when the previous owners still had their stuff in there. Oh, and also that I've started redoing the parlor curtains, they are coming out nice and I'll post a before and after pic of that too when all done!

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