Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Hearts

I know some people don't like Valentine's Day, or don't care about Valentines Day and there are some that do like Valentine's Day but to varying degrees.
I think I've always liked Valentine's Day, though there were some years as an adult that I kind of ignored it because it didn't seem to apply to me.

My parents always had at least a little heart box of chocolates for us in the morning when I was growing up.

This year my heart was full! I educated the kids in what types of typical gifts one could get for Valentine's Day and they each pick out theirs. Ella picked flowers and Miles candy hearts. For a couple of weeks prior to the day, I delighted in asking them if they'd be my Valentine and hearing them in turn ask me or others if they'd be theirs. Additionally, a few weeks before the big day I came up with a plan to make an authentic Czech meal for my husband. He is 1/2 Czech and his mom often makes these meals for the family on special occasions. I had never tried my hand at it before, so I was a little nervous. I found some really good recipes online and did my best.

On Friday I made the Kolachkie cookies with walnut/honey and poppy seed fillings. Yum. Those definitely turned out well! I had to hide them in the basement storage area so the secret wouldn't be blown. Then on Saturday I sent my husband off to a massage appointment I had made for him. Unfortunately, while I was out the spa called the house to change the appointment time, so the surprise was ruined. But I don't think he minded too much. Though it would have been fun to trick him and confuse his as to where I was sending him. Next up for me was a whole lot of cooking and using about every pan we own! I made Roast Pork, Dumplings, Kraut and Sour Potatoes. He came home and I think he might have almost cried when he saw just what KIND of dinner I made for him.

And I am SO EXCITED about my gift, but it is being shipped just today and I will tell you about that when it arrives!!!

A couple days before Valentine's Day, I received my swap package from Mindy. It was so fun to get such great gifts from her. The package was wrapped in cute pink and red polka dot craft paper but I didn't have the patience to photograph it before ripping it open.

She sent a cute handmade card, my first and only hearts socks, a hand decorated jar filled with chocolate kisses, another package of NY cheesecake chocolate kisses, some Dark Mayan Chocolate coffee drink, a beautiful glass heart ornament (see first pic above) and a tied paper box which contained...
These sweet sweet earrings!

Unfortunately, Mindy's blog is by invitation only, so I can't invite you to go check out her corner of the blogosphere.


I have been so AMAZED at how many sales I have made for the Cora's Playground Fund on Etsy so far. Too bad the post office is not open today to send everything out, but I will get there tomorrow. Right now I still have a lot up in my SunnyPond shop and hope to post a few fridge magnet sets at KitchenStitchen soon. Remember, to see all the items being sold for this benefit, just click on the button on the upper right side of my blog. If you haven't already, go check it out! It's a win/win situation. You get something lovely and the money goes to a wonderful cause, to leave a legacy for this precious girl who was so loved by her family and friends.


Finally, did you know you can convert YOUR digital photos to digital Polaroids?? Download a FREE program HERE and just follow the instructions. So fun! With all the Polaroid rage, when do you think they are going to start making Polaroid cameras again?

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