Monday, February 2, 2009

Store Update/ Store News/ Other Stuff

New towels will be trickling into the store this week! A couple already went in today. All will eventually have pairs listed.

Good Morning Eggs - is already there (well one of the pair) and the corresponding pot holders are being worked on.

No name for this one yet (Sillouette Red Lily?) will be coming soon. Matching pot holders also underway.

Modern Birds... will be in the store sometime this week and match some pot holders already listed. (Though one has sold).

Brown and Turquoixe Luau... matches pot holders in the store. Listed one of these today.
Do you see anything you want here? Let me know and I'll reserve it for you before I put it in the store!

Other store news... I'm working on casserole carrier #2 and hope to finish it soon when I get the time. More fabric is on its way through the mail to start #3. These are really fun to make, just a lot of fabric (including Insulbright TM) which makes it hard to keep costs down.

I have been really happy with my sales and customer comments so far, but really bummed that my 2 new items have had so few views. So I'm thinking it may be time to buy some advertising or try some other ways to get more traffic.


Friday I took the kids to the mall and was able to find a few things I didn't hate for Ella for Spring/Summer.

One outfit was from Macy's from their greendog brand. I can't find it on the website. But it was a dark pink polkadot and striped strap dress over a white T with matching solid capris leggings with knots tied at the hems. I also got her a greendog ladybug T.

I found a couple of tops and some leggings from Gap. The leggings are light blue with white polka dots (not on their website) for the first top here.

And believe it or not, I actually found a couple of things at Gymboree. But not much. Plus their flip flops were on sale for $1.99 a pair, so I got some for both Ella and Miles. Ella's actually match an outfit I bought her last year.

I don't know what it is with the leggings?? I hate leggings. I think I plan for her to wear them under dresses. Oh yes, I remember now. I got the much cheaper pink ones at Gymboree (than Hanna Andersson) to go with the Hanna Andersson dress on the way.


This weekend I completed 2/3 of the family room carpet shampooing as well as Miles room's carpet (which he had massaged lotion into).

I also progressed a bit on the parlor drapes redo. Mostly hand sewing is left to make pinch pleats and a herringbone stitch for the hems. Hello thimble!

Lots of laundry.

Random cleaning.


Hope to show before and after pics of the drapes soon!!

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