Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day of Love

Today is the big day that all of the participating Etsy shops have organized to donate the proceeds of their sales designated for the Cora Playground fund. In case you are just joining us. You can read more of Cora's story here It is a very sad story, but one that makes me hug my kids a little tighter and appreciate my loves ones a little more. Because they may not always be there. You never know.

Today happens to be Cora's birthday too, if she had survived her cancer. But she didn't. So it has got to be an especially hard day for her parents.

With all of the buyers from my 2 shops, we have together raised $323 (through the sale of 47 items) which I have already donated today. And as of now, I have just been informed that all Etsy participants who have reported their numbers have in total donated $15,667.93 and not all of them have reported in yet! All of these funds will be used to build a playground at Cora's church in her honor, so that her legacy will live on.

Please keep the Mac family in your prayers and appreciate all of your loved ones today!

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