Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My First Front Page

Yesterday I spent a bit of time on the Etsy community boards and met a fellow seller with the screen name KitchStitch.  After we both had a laugh at our name similarities, I checked out her store, then her blog and really enjoyed her work.  I also noticed one of her posts was about the places her shop has been publicized since it opened.  A couple of times it had been on the front page featuring her items.  Her links to show this were to a Flickr account kept by an Etsy Admin of all the front pages since March 24!  She had found them by doing a Google search of her store.  So of course I then did a search on my store names and came up with nothing.

Last night I also made a sale, but no payment was received.  When I looked into it today, I noticed the buyer had written a note explaining about payment and also mentioned she’d seen this item on the front page and had to have it as she loves lemons.  Gah!  I missed it.  Then I remembered the Flickr account and went to check it out.  This is what I found!


To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time either of my shops has made the FRONT PAGE!  I’ve been in a few treasuries, but this was the first on the front page.  It was curated by an Admin at Etsy.  Pretty cool.

3 ripples:

Crystal said...

Yay for you! The front page it lots of fun! :)

Margaret said...

Congrats! :) That would be so exciting to make the front page.

Margaret said...

Hey I can't figure out how to email someone back from a comment they left me.

You asked about gardening tips:

Break the ground up several times before you plant.

Fertilize after the season is over. The spot will be better next year than this year. We didn't do it last year, because we just decided to make ours this year. Rabbit manure is really good.

Things like onions, lettuce, carrots, some peas can go out earlier in the year than squash, cucumber etc, because they can handle a light freeze.

I hope you have fun.

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