Monday, May 18, 2009

Little Star

The highlight of the weekend was going to Ella's singing recital.  Though her group only had a very short part of a song, it is always fun to see your child perform.  And I am very happy with how comfortable she is on stage.  I think it is a great experience.


Plus she makes friends wherever she goes.  Is there anything sweeter than little girls in pretty dresses playing ring around the rosy?


It was a fairly hectic weekend with lots going on and hubby on a camp trip with his dad and brother.  I've been sewing up cute bags for the kids' teachers. {WAIT till you see these!}  We also host a church small group at our house and I had to find time to straighten up the house too.

I will have a couple of custom sewing jobs soon.  Plus I want to have time to make more for the shop.  Especially with Farmer's Market coming up mid-June.  I've already started gathering displays for my wares.  It may also be an excuse to purchase more fabric!  What is your favorite fabric that you'd like to see on one of my potholders and/or tea towels??

I'm also trying out using my sewing as a mini-ministry!  Today was the beginning of my first project along these lines.  I knew of a young lady through the teen mom ministry I'm involved in who is getting married this summer.  She is not rolling in the dough, but wants a respectable wedding.  She has many people from the church helping her out and I am offering my sewing services to her to make her flower girls {2} dresses, ring bearer pillow and a couple of bridesmaids gifts.  We met today and talked.  It was nice to get to know her even better and to hear how much she has learned, and changed over the years.  I gave her my advice and support where she asked for it and prayed with her before we parted ways.  We will meet up this week to look at some fabric.  This is probably not something I'd do on a regular basis, but every once in a while when the opportunity arises and I feel called to do it.  Anyway, I'm excited!  Here is our start - the pattern for the girls dresses {her daughter and her daughter's friend}. Different colors and trim, but I'll keep you posted as planning and sewing progresses!


3 ripples:

Margaret said...

My son will start singing at church this year for the plays, and also will be in school plays. I can't wait to watch. It looks like so much fun. Plus he is a little entertainer, so I think he will do good.

It is so great that you are using your sewing ability for God. I am sure that the young lady will remember it and your kindness forever.

SoMi's Nilsa said...

This is such a fun part in Ella and Miles' lives as they explore things like drama, singing, sports and so on. Figuring out what they really like to do (and watching them shine!).

And that dress pattern? Adorable! Can't wait to see the final results!

Kathy said...

I love the purple dress. I think I have the same pattern that I am making for my daughter in my sister's wedding.

I am looking for a singing group similar to this for my daughter to get into. Would you mind emailing me the group you are in, and how you found it?

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