Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mother's Day

Yesterday turned out to be really great.  Yes, the weather helped with the moods.  But mostly it helped to create some wonderful moments.


I took the kids to a local nursery to get some flowers.  Miles took a trip and fell on the pavement skinning both knees.  He really doesn't like me to carry him anymore but immediately he asked me to and would not let me put him down.  Meanwhile, I had a cart of flowers to get to the register to check out, and those garden carts are big and hard to steer with one hand.  Ella stepped in and pushed it for me.  She carried the flowers to the register, pushed the cart to the car, put the flowers in the back and put the cart back by the nursery.  She was so helpful and sweet!

Though I did not like that Miles was in pain and bleeding (luckily the nursery had some Band-Aids and Neosporin for him).  It was nice to feel needed for emotional support during his pain.  And later I knew he appreciated it with his "I love you, Mommy". 

I also had purchased a Slip n Slide that day at Walmart, so Ella was suited up and having a blast.  Miles finally decided to get his swim trunks on to give it a try.  After a while I couldn't find him though I swore he'd gone upstairs.  I called for him in the house, but no answer.  So I went upstairs and found him lying on his bed in the nude sucking his thumb, holding his teddy bear and sleeping.  How funny!  He must have been too tired to put on his trunks.

Next I had started dinner and realized it would just be Ella and I.  I was kind of bummed, but decided to bring our food outside to eat.  As I was kind of spacing out and wishing the whole family were there, Ella suddenly said "I like eating with just us two.  It's so nice when just you and me do things together".  After that we talked and had a great time and when done eating, we laid in the hammock together and read books. 

Late that night Miles had a bad dream or something and I picked him up and brought him in his room to rock in his glider.  He is usually not up for something like that, but last night he was.  We had great snuggle time as he asked me all kinds of questions about the meaning of life. :-)

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Margaret said...

That does sound like a great day.

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