Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What I'm Up To

Lately I've been focusing a lot more on my health and my kids.  Exercising a ton, eating less and healthier {lost 9 lbs. so far since the second week in June} and doing lots of stuff with the kiddos too.  Not so much creativity flowing around here lately, at least not from me.  I had also been busy preparing for the Farmer's Market for Kitchen Stitchen and the Munchkin Mart for Ella, both making cookies, setting up and supervising while she was selling.  And planning and executing Miles' Birthday Day of Parties. {ok, some creativity in there}  But I do have a few projects I'm slowly hacking away at, or at least slowly preparing for.

The one that is the furthest along is my sewing cabinet.  It was passed down to me from my mom and starting to get pretty warn.  I decided to strip it and paint it white {it was stained wood].  After mustering the courage and seeing how easy Rhoda from Southern Hospitality makes it seem, I finally got started.  I used a liquid sandpaper/deglosser and then Rustoleum's Heirloom White Satin spray paint to refinish it.  I also used a metallic chrome spray paint to redo the hardware (it was an antique brass).  Let me say, it has not been so easy for me!  I have used 3 cans of spray paint and need to run out for a 4th!  As hard as I try to be even, it looks like it's spray painted!  Thus all the extra coats.  The funny thing is, this spray paint is supposed to take one coat HA!  And the deglosser?  I suppose it worked, but I was skeptical and there are places on the wood that seem a little rough.  I just hope it turns out alright.  After the last round of spray, I'm going to try some clear gloss spray:

2009 06 30_5949

I'll let you be the judge when I post before and after photos.  I chose a white paint to refinish it because I think it would look nicer with my wall organizer and mod sewing chair.

Other projects which I either only have the fabric for, some of the fabric for, or only the pattern for are as follows:

  • 2 casserole carriers to make before next Farmer's Market as those were the hit last time.  Fabric was purchased at Quilter's Heaven in Northbrook, IL.2009 06 30_5967
  • A reversible wrap around skirt.  I only have one of the fabrics chosen {not yet purchased}.  Found this at Quilter's Heaven and knew I wanted to make a skirt from it.  Just didn't know what yardage I'd need at the time I was there.clara988e
  • A small hanging quilt or doll quilt.  It will probably be a doll quilt for Ella's babies.  Pattern purchased at Touch of Amish in Barrington, IL and fat quarters for the dresses at QuiltPlay here in Grayslake, IL.  Should be interesting to make.2009 06 30_5971  2009 06 30_5970

Another cool happening was our trip to an Art Fair in Evanston this past Sunday.  I lived in Evanston two times.  The first time was while I was in grad school at Northwestern and the second time was about 6 years later for a span of about 5 or so years.  I love Evanston.  It is not your typical suburb.  It is very classy urban and certainly has some very beautiful areas and architecture, including the University and lakefront.  It was a great place to live for a while.  It was nice to be back for a bit, though next time I'd like to visit my old apartment and the flat that Jason and I lived in for a few months before buying our own place.  Back to the art fair...  While we love art fairs it seems we rarely find something we just LOVE, or at least something we BOTH love. 

2009 06 30_5954

But this time we did and it was even at a decent price.  And so we came home with the neat water color.  I have it hanging in our dining room and we both think it looks great.

2009 06 30_5954

During our visit to Evanston, we also stopped at our favorite Middle Eastern restaurant in town, The Olive Tree.  Ah!  I ate all vegetarian.  Healthy, but perhaps a bit too much pita consumed to scoop up all of the hummus and babagannoush!

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