Thursday, July 9, 2009

Kitchen Inspiration

A Crate and Barrel catalog came in the mail today and I was really drawn to some napkins that I saw on the last pages.  So I went to their website to snatch a pic to show you all.  Too bad this pic doesn't do the pic in the catalog justice, but hopefully you get the idea.



Napkins, too easy.  But look how bright and cheery they are.  I am SO drawn to them.  So, I think I should make some and see how they do.  The Lord knows I have enough pot holders and tea towels made already.  Why not start a new line of items for the shop?

And then I saw this placemat and contrasting napkin.  The back of this placemat has the same fabric as the napkin.  I'm always thinking I need to make everything so fancy with crazy designs in all of my products.  But in each of these cases, the fabric stands on its own.  And the sewing is easy.  So why not give it a try?


Now I'm in the middle of making the two casserole carriers I promised myself I'd make before the next Farmer's Market.  But I think simple napkins and placemats should be next up.

And because I can't seem to give myself enough to think about, I'm on another kick to work on the kitchen, making it over that is.  I'm tired of the old wallpaper.  I want pulls and knobs on my drawers and cabinets.  I want bead board under my cabinets.  It can't be exactly what I want at this point, but a few changes to freshen it up would be a welcome change.

Oh sure Kristi, you still have that stinkin sewing cabinet to finish up!

Here are some other inspiring napkins that came up yesterday:


Source: Home Made Simple


Source: Anthropologie

I've already purchased a bit of fabric and started on some napkins.  Finding the trim (see above two photos) has been a huge challenge.  I finally decided that in order to get colored eyelet trim, I'm going to have to dye it myself.

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SoMi's Nilsa said...

I think cloth napkins will do quite well! You can market it as an environmentally-friendly and fashionable way to eat dinner. I have friends who only use cloth napkins and I've considered moving in that direction. Let me know how sales go if you wind up making them!

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