Thursday, July 16, 2009

Second Attempt

Yesterday was my second of three days this summer selling at the Farmer's Market in my town.

As I promised myself, I made two new casserole carriers as they were the best sellers last time.  I absolutely LOVE these bright colors and how the color combinations look together.  I've also reduced some of the cost of materials by sticking with a solid color lining instead of a designer pattern fabric.  It makes sense to me.  You don't really ever see much of the lining fabric.


Both Jason and I REALLY love the carrier on the top (left below)!  I think I decided we are going to keep that one!  Ooops! :-)  Guess I'll need to make some more!  Because the other one sold, which leaves me with just one.  I love making these though.


And here are a couple of children's napkins that I made with ruffles.  I found that locating ruffled trim and dying eyelet trim was too much trouble AND way to expensive.  So the adult napkins will not have trim and not sure the children's will all have it either.  Sorry, I did not yet take photos of the adult napkins.


And here I am at the booth this week (yesterday) right before closing time.  You can see how sweaty I got by the glow on my face!

20090715-4   And I just wanted to show my table from last month.  Because I've lost some weight and I think you can kind of tell.  At least that skirt was not tight on my this week like it was last month!  Hooray!  Still plugging away at losing more though!                   20090617    Coming up soon...  my latest project, after doing some minor tweaks on it!

2 ripples:

Michelle said...

You can tell you lost weight! You look fabulous and tan oh, and I love your shoes!
I may try to do the Farmer's Market here this fall after school starts!
I love everything you make...I may have to get a few things from you for Christmas gifts!

SoMi's Nilsa said...

My latest set of favorite colors is orange and green. So festive. Plus, depending on the shade, it can be very summery or nice and autumnal! I like your choices!!! And congrats on losing weight - I know that battle all too well!

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