Friday, July 24, 2009

Thank-you Pottery Barn

I used to love the Pottery Barn style and loosely based my decorating on it.  Well maybe more than loosely.  Then, lately they style in the PB catalogs have been along the lines of more modern, maybe slightly industrial.  While I do really like that modern clean style (though not really the industrial one), it wasn't me and I was wondering if I my decorating was becoming to "out of it".  But this month when I opened my August PB catalog, I was shocked.  I was drawn into the decor.  It was so me.  A mix of rustic, sophisticated, Mediterranean, with earthy autumnal tones with a touch of modern art.  So me.  The rooms made me feel so comfortable and at home!  This is on PB catalog that will not be recycled anytime soon.  Here, let me show you some examples.

I guess we could start with reality.  One thing we have in our house, which I've heard is "out" is wood stained trim.  Now it is not as rustic and chunky as this, which would be great.  But nonetheless, it is stained, not painted white.  And I always preferred this to white.  So it is nice to see it in some of these PB rooms.

This is a dining room that I could feel right at home in.  Understated furniture, a little rustic, neutral paint and sophisticated, yet not too fancy accessories.


What I really liked in this family room was the faux finished walls.  To me this looks kind of Mediterranean/Napa.  Very inviting and comfortable.


Here I love the natural light, chair rail and wainscoting, along with a sleigh bed and a touch of country in the quilt with the wonderful autumn colors.


Love this bathroom.  So far away from the typical clean, industrial, modern look they have had a lot of lately.  This feels comfortable and relaxing to me!  Again, love the faux finish on the walls.


Another nice bed. Simple and elegant.  Bright yet accented with lovely fall colors.


More rustic...


Ah, to have such a project room, with the brick wall!


Speaking of brick walls...


OK, maybe not in my lifetime, but a great style to see at a vacation destination maybe.  I LOVE the brick wall.  Did I say that already.

There are many more examples of styles in this catalog that I love.  Hope you get your PB catalog and enjoy it as much I am!

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It's A Wonderful said...

Oooh, I like those rooms! I like neat, fresh lines. Not too much clutter, but maintain a warm feeling in the room. And our trim is stained, too. Good to know it's coming back!

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