Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Michigan Vacation

Last week we went on a vacation in Cassopolis, Michigan.  Where?  Yes, where? is right.  Not much going on in Cassopolis.  But we were in a very cute lake house, on a... lake. 


And most importantly, we were amongst good company.  Friends that we love and don't see nearly enough. 


The weather didn't cooperate the entire time, but that did give us and excuse to get out and some other areas such as South Bend, Indiana (home of Notre Dame University),

Notre Dame, IN

Shipshewana, IN (tourist trap and Amish country)


and Elkhart, IN home of the RV Hall of Fame (yes we visited it).


We were also within walking distance of a farm stand which was open every day.  Peaches were in season and were enjoyed by all.  I love the country, because it reminds so much of my grandparents who were farmers in Missouri.

The kids all seemed to have a great time and it was wonderful to watch them interact.

We had a great time, but I was exhausted and we didn't get a ton of family time like we have been spoiled enough to have on past vacations.  But I'd do it again, maybe not every year, but I'd do it.

20090820-2 20090815-3 20090815-2 20090816

Ella lost her first baby tooth early in the week!


Bowling in South Bend on a rainy morning.


20090817 20090817-2  

Large hibiscus in Shipshewana.


A walk and silly fun after some fine dining.


All the kids.  Well we tried to take a picture of them all.


I can't believe that just next week, the kids will be back to school and that Ella will be in Kindergarten in an all day program.  I've also got them signed up for plenty of other activities...

3 ripples:

Trish said...

:) you were only about two hours from me :) we live in Holland, MI it's right on Lake Michigan

Jennifer said...

chI miss it already! Great pictures... let me know when Jason gets them posted on Flickr. :) Thanks for a great week!

Michelle said...

Love the bowling shoes photo. Amazing shot!

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