Friday, November 13, 2009

Evolution of a Presentation

For those of you who aren’t yet tired of hearing all about my craft fairs and table set ups, I have more to tell you! For all others, enjoy this photo and skip the rest of this post. Wait for the next which most likely will not be about any craft fair business. Ok, well I may or may not do one last post recapping the show.

Birdhouse Decorated by Nature



Tomorrow is my last craft fair of the season and BOY AM I EXCITED. This show benefits the ministry that I have been very involved with for three years now, Teen Mother Choices. Last year’s boutique show was a big hit and this year’s promises to be even better. In fact, I hope I get a chance to play hooky from my booth for a while to look around.

First off, I am excited about my display. I asked my friend Cathy from church if she would help me. She is really good with decorating and arranging things so that they are warm and pleasing to the eye. She was so kind to oblige and had her design idea whipped up in a flash. She also went out and found the great towel holder pictured below at Goodwill.


AND she spray painted them for me! Whoa what a difference!


Back to the display set up: In working with Cathy, I realized I tend to arrange things more asymmetrically and perhaps therein lies my problem. I mean look at this amazing symmetrical setup. It just draws you in and truly does feel warm and inviting!


Next, one of the show organizers told me that my table would be in the MAIN front room. Some go in a back room and don’t get as much traffic. So that is something I am also excited about.

And finally this week I made 15 new potholders!! Assembly line style. And I’m still alive. Since those went so well at the last show, which I attribute to my new hanging display, I am hoping they will go even better this show! The other side benefit here is that I used up the last of much of my fabric purchased for the shop. That makes me feel so satisfied, that there was very little waste. I plan to use some of my scraps for sewing projects for my daughter’s Kindergarten class and then may mail the rest off to someone I wanted to send them to a while back. If she still wants them.

Yep, so wish me luck and next week I hope to get my Etsy shop back up and running with whatever I have leftover from after the show.

Have a great weekend!

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