Thursday, December 3, 2009

Teacher’s Gifts

This year, my children’s teachers are each getting an apron.

First, my daughter’s Kindergarten teacher is getting this red snowflake number…


(I actually used a pattern that I drew myself using a ruler and a some free hand onto craft paper!  Not too shabby, eh?)


And my son’s preschool teacher who LOVES brown, is getting this one…


I will be making at least one other apron before Christmas, but probably two.  One is a custom order from a real life friend, the other is hopefully a half apron from the fabric I had left over from the snowflake fabric.  Business has been really good both in the store and also custom orders from friends and real life clients.  So I have been keeping really busy.

I also embellished some frames for each of the three teachers at the Montessori school where my kids go.  I LOVE this craft and have made about 11 of these frames so far.  This idea is from Jessica of Brixton Lane.  She has a wonderful tutorial so you could try it yourself!

20091203-4 20091203-5

A little gift to myself arrived this week.  A custom design camera bag from Wicked Stitch Designs.  It’s so cute I could almost eat it.


And… yesterday our first Christmas card arrived while today our first snowflakes arrived.  My has 2009 flown by!

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Jessica said...

I LOVE the frames!!! I'm so glad the tutorial helped. If I got one of those as a present, I'd be over the moon!

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