Friday, January 22, 2010

Crickets Chirping

Lately, the majority of my comments on this blog have been from spammers, one even in an Asian alphabet!  Don’t try to look, I’ve deleted most of them.

It sounds to me like crickets chirping.  Life is different this year.  More than ever the family needs more of my focus.  The sewing has slowed down.  The crafting is happening only when I have an excuse.

So this blog will be taking a break.  I don’t know if it will be permanent.

Many thanks to you non-spammers for visiting and especially those who commented.  I will be “living” elsewhere.  If you are interested, just ask.  Or do a little detective work.

5 ripples:

Margaret said...

I will miss reading your posts. I completely understand though. I wrote a post just like this one in October, and I have only posted twice since then to share the news of our new baby.

I still like to read others when I get the chance though.

Jess said...

I have hardly posted yet this year. I usually post everyday or close to it but have been so busy. Sometimes, life needs your full attention. We'll welcome you back with open arms when you're ready!

Unknown said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog. I hope you will return

Amanda Jo said...

:( That's what I get for turning into a lurker! We'll miss you but, like Jess said, we'll welcome you back with open arms!

Andy said...

Hey girl. I've been out of town and out of touch for a bit. Drop me an email. Hope to keep in touch!

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