Sunday, July 15, 2007

Botanic Garden Photos

I -L O V E- flowers and enjoy photographing them even more. We may get a nicer camera and the pictures could get even better!

This post is dedicated to Angela in Hawaii! Visit her blog and her etsy shop!

(Yes, those are aphids in the first photo, gross but interesting nonetheless! -hey what can I say, once a biologist, always a biologist! And I've seen much much worse!)

5 ripples:

Barbra said...

Absolutely beautiful. You have a great eye.

Sunny Kristi said...

Thank-you! What a small world, I recently ordered from oblinaknit and she sent a promotional bookmark from you with a sticker on the back listing your shop, crazy!

Betty Jo said...

Your photos are beautiful! Photography is my passion, right after my family. I just followed your link from someplace and can't remember where I was last. Oh! I think it was at Rhoda's I found you. Now I'm off to explore your pretty blog further. Come to see me when you can. xoxo

restyled home said...

What beautiful fogot to mention that you also have a talent for photography!


Angela said...

Hi Kristi!
Thanks for mentioning me! I love your flowers! Especially the purple ones! Those colors are amazing! Where did you take them? The botanical garden you told me about?

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